Opportunity Not Obligation

If I could do everything I would probably act a little different. But right now I wouldn’t want to be that person. I wouldn’t want to be that person just because of the way other people would treat me. If I knew everything people might not like me because they might think that I’m a know it all and act like I’m the best.

If I could do everything I think that would be kinda cool. I think it would be cool because I could do anything I wanted at anytime. Like if I wanted to go someplace but I wasn’t allowed but if I could do anything, I could do all that stuff.

If I knew everything I would hate it also. I would hate it because I wouldn’t have to ask for anything and in my opinion I think that’s kinda rude. Another reason I would hate it is because I would have the power over everyone and that would probably make me a jerk.

I’m kinda glad that I can’t do everything. I wouldn’t want that because I like the way I am and what I have in my life.


How I Help My Class

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C6dHBqHVMAIQ42q.jpgI’m writing about how I help my class just like a team. To have a good class I have to do a lot of things. Not just me everyone in the whole class has to work together to become a great class.

In my opinion I am a helper. I go and find out if anyone needs help with computers or anything in general. The people who ask me for help the most is Jersey, and Nicholas.

When we were doing our slide shows Jersey needed help on how to make a different layout and I helped her. When she had trouble getting pictures on her blog I also helped her with that. I think I help her almost every day.

That’s only one way that I help my class and they’re are so many more ways to. I hope that all of you help your class too.




Friendship is good and bad at so many different times. Also friendships can be in school, out of school, and even in family. Friendships are very important they can help you though tough times like when a family member dies or even if you were bullied.

Friends are like family to me. When they get hurt I get hurt that’s what makes friends, friends. The importance of friendship is that you can always trust each other. And you can always depend on them.

When my mom had breast cancer it was a ruff time for my whole family. She was at the doctors a lot when she had surgery and other stuff. When she came back home we couldn’t cook because my mom could barely walk. Then my dad’s not the best cook so my mom didn’t trust him with fancy meals. Then all of my moms friends had cooked us meals. Then every night of the week somebody will bring us food. My favorite night was when somebody brought us Bob Evan’s. It was delicious especially the rolls.

Another example of when you need your friends is when I was in 2nd grade at pumpkin show. The first night of pumpkin show I cut my finger off. I was super hard to do things and grab things. Then for the rest of pumpkin show my friends helped me to lots of things like for instants grab my corn dog and give it to me. Also it school it was hard but I was getting the hang of things. It was hard to wright because I had to use my thumb, index finger.

Friendship can be in many different shapes and sizes. Everyday There is someone who is a good friend to me. And everyday I am the same to the.


I walked
across the lawn.
on a dark night
I herd a sound
I went closer
the wind whistling like birds
I tiptoed
along the yard
at dusk
afraid also terrified
I herd a peep
moving closer
the sound got louder and louder
it stopped
I sprinted to home
and never brought it up again

Girl On A Sidewalk

A girl was racing her bike on a sidewalk
She was pedaling fast as a rabbit
then she hit a rock and was flying down on the side walk
and then she was crying like a baby


A girl was thinking on a curb of a sidewalk
when she saw a jock
the the girl was saying hello
and the jock said hi my name is Joe
Then they both kept going on with there day


There was a girl walking her dog on a side walk
Then she got to a slope
Her dog got to exited and sprinting down the hill
Along with the dog was his owner
At the bottom of the hill she got up and looked at her face
She screamed so loud that everyone could her here say “Awe My Face”


One day a girl on a side walk was walking he dog
then they met another dog
and her dog got to hyper an ran to that dog
when the girl was trying to catch her dog it ran away
and she couldn’t find it
she was so sad she looked everywhere
then at night she went home and lost her dog forever


There was a girl walking on a sidewalk when it was snowing
the wind was blowing hard
she was happy that it was snowing because that meant it was close to x-mas
when she was running she slipped on ice and broke her wrist
There was a girl on a sidewalk and it was snowing
she was dressed warm
and she was getting ready for sledding
she was screaming and shouting while she went down the hill
and at the end of the day she thought it was a good day










Image result for Weekends Weekends are the best in my opinion. They are the best because for one there is no school. Another reason why the weekends are the best is because I can do any thing I feel like.

On some weekends I feel like I just want to stay home and not go anywhere but watch TV. Then on other weekends I feel like I want to be everywhere. Like go someplace everyday and I want to do all things outside. It all depends on how I feel and what the weather is like.

One of my favorite weekends ever was this year. It was about 2 weeks ago my basketball team just won our 6th game straight and we are undefeated. We beat another undefeated team that day too. After the game I went home and took a shower then I got dressed and went to Dave and Buster’s.

Dave and Buster’s was so fun and that was my first time ever going there. I played a lot of games there like the basketball game and also a game call red ball. On that game I won the jackpot on that game which was 1000 tickets. We also ate there too. My Dad and I split some hot wings. The grand total of all my tickets were around 2,300 tickets.

That was just one example of one of my best weekends. There are a lot more though. I can’t wait to have many more great weekends. That’s just some of the fun things I do on my weekends. The reason I get to do this stuff is because I have some amazing parents that allow me to do these things.

Image From: http://www.cheatsheet.com/money-career/heres-why-weekends-dont-always-make-us-happy.html/?a=viewall


In your life you need kindness. kindness is everywhere from school to the streets. If you say you have never been nice you are lying.

In the video that Mr. McGuire showed us there is a boy in Texas who is the basketball team manger who has some problems. On the day of the final game of the regular season the coach told him to suit up.He was just happy to be wearing a basketball jersey.

The coach told the reporters that no matter what the score is he was going to play him. With one minute and thirty seconds left he put him in. His teammates gave him the ball every possession but he either missed it or he hit it out of bounds. But on the last possession the kid on the other team yell his name then passed the ball in him and he scored on the last few seconds.

Kindness is all over the place. In the video that boy was nice enough to give he other boy a chance to be big. Kindness is just something that you don’t really think about, you just do it automatically.

The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCOyhqKRrv4

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

We’ve had a lot of great memories together that I remember.  Those have probably been some of the best memories with you. I wish that we will be able to do more with you in the future. In this letter I will tell you about one of my favorite memories with you.

Do you remember last year when Mom and Morgan went to Florida. Then that night was the night that Star Wars The Force Awakens came out. Then we went to it just you and me. I thought the movie was so cool and after that we went to Target and I got some Anki Overdrive cars. I want the Anki cars because it was right after Christmas and I just got the tracks for them and I wanted more cars.

Do you also remember when we went to the Louisville Mega Cavern. Then we went on the ropes course. That was the coolest thing ever. You could walk on ropes and you could do zip line too. And after that we went farther in to the cave. It was so cold down there to that you had to wear a jacket in there.

My favorite memory with you is when we went to the Ohio State Vs Tulsa game. I had so much fun there especially when we got to go to the pre-game skull session and we got to see the band and the players walk in. My other favorite part was at the end of the game when we won and the band was playing and everyone ran onto the field.

Those are the best times I’ve had with you. Also I can’t wait for more great memories with you. I also can’t wait to watch the new Star Wars with you.